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Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar was born in Rome on July 12th or 13th, 100 BCE. He was an influential Roman Republic politician who greatly expanded what later became the Roman Empire. Caesar was born in a new era of Roman history. During Caesar’s childhood, the Roman government lacked stability and dignity. Caesar began his fight to win the Roman Empire when Gaius Caesar died at the age of 16. Caesar and Cornelia were married in 84 bce. Cornelia was the daughter a lord, they were married from 84 bce until 69 c.e. They named their daughter Julius Caesar. Sulla had been a political competitor of Cornelias dad and was interested in this marriage. Sulla had Caesar divorce Cornelia. Caesar refused. He served in military to escape. He was eventually allowed back with the assistance of some friends. Caesar’s career as a prosecutor advocate began after Sulla’s passing. Caesar, at age 31, had been in many wars. He was also more involved with Roman politics. The First Triumvirate is a well-known alliance between Julius Caesar and Marcus Licinius Crassus. Caesar used this partnership to gain more control. Crassus offered Caesar both financial and strategic support while Caesar was still under Pompey. Pompey, Crassus, and Pompey were all rivals. Caesar used his negotiation skills to convince them they’d be better off as allies. Caesar expanded his political power by punishing his enemies. Pompey grew jealous of Caesar as his power and reputation grew. Crassus, however, never fully let go of his hatred for Pompey. In 56 BCE they temporarily helped each at a Luca-based conference. They were each given a five year term to govern their respective countries. Caesar pushed Pompey and the outnumbered troops of Italy to Egypt in 49 BCE. Cleopatra was the Egyptian queen. Caesar was crowned Father of Rome when he returned to Rome.

Caesar also improved Rome through debt relief, the expansion of the Empire, and the transformation of the Senate. By increasing its size, it was more representative for all Romans. Caesar wanted to solidify his rule and power, so he put people in the Senate with titles and honors that suited him. Julius Caesar died in 44 BCE, on March 18. Political rivals carried out the murder, though Caesar, who was due to leave Rome in March for a campaign to avenge Crassus’s losses, died 3 days early.


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