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The History Of Native Americans

From 1785 to 1829, American colonial expansion helped Native Americans adapt. They had to endure the lack in beliefs and property. The whites did all they could to make the Native Americans better. The Western Expansion of centuries ago was responsible for most of their problems with teething.

The Appalachian Mountains, which were largely owned by no one in 1790, saw a huge increase in population. The United States Military defeated Indian land. For example, General Anthony Wayne managed the United States Military which defeated many Native Americans clans. The Treaty of Greenville was created in 1794 by each clan’s leader. It was as if the Native Americans had given up and gave the Ohio land over to American settlers. The United States said that “Under mine all prospers”, referring to Indian land. The United States justified the invasion as an effort to civilize Native Americans. They also misplaced their trust among Caucasians. They were good friends and had helped the “forefathers”, the United States, before the altercation. After Native Americans approached Caucasians with weapons, wars began to take place. The Native Americans were not admired by many Americans. President Jefferson requested that Clark and Louis do a task to find information on new northern territories. Clark and Louis were among the first to use old routes to get into anyone’s territory. Native Americans assisted them in the jungles. Without their assistance, it would have been impossible to travel. Native Americans didn’t help but lead the Americans to their ruin by ruining how they live. U.S. considered Native Americans savages. Therefore, in a 1785 treaty, “attempt to settle any of these lands westward/southward of he stated boundary” was prohibited. Also, those who “have already settled on the said lands and won’t remove them within six months following the ratification. This treaty is the United States’ ongoing agreement with Indian Nations. They promised them land they would not allow any American citizen to enter. However, the United States government treated them as if these were just a promise by a parent for their child’s bedtime. These Treaties were later violated by them. The U.S. was aggressive in removing Native Americans in 1814’s Battle of Horseshoe Bend. The U.S. accused Native Americans of violating “the power of America” and claimed they were a small nation that could be overwhelmed by the British. This attitude justified their hostility towards Native Americans. Andrew Jackson stated that the Native Americans were our enemies. Between 1785-1789, Native Americans stood firm against the westward movement. Later, they were forced to leave by the U.S. who justified itself with Manifest Destiny. The U.S. had an obligation to expand America and was entitled to force them from their land. Because America was so eager to get land, Native Americans got robbed and abused. They were eventually forced to settle on reservations.


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