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    Struggling With Revision? Here’s How To Prepare For Exams More Efficiently

    If you find that despite putting significant effort into studying, you still fail to achieve your desired results, it’s time to reconsider your revision techniques. Registered psychologist and InnerDrive director, Bradley Busch, warns against inefficient study methods where students waste time without direction. Here are some common study pitfalls to avoid and expert-recommended alternatives. Re-reading and Highlighting Notes Re-reading and highlighting may seem productive, but research suggests this technique is not effective. Instead, psychologists advise utilizing retrieval practice, a method that challenges your brain to produce answers. This can mean utilizing quizzes, multiple choice tests, and past papers that strengthen your ability to transfer information to long-term memory. Last-Minute Cramming…

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    ‘It Hasn’t Been Easy Being A Tory In Education’: Meet The Teachers Standing For Election

    Mark Lehain, who is 41 and a Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Newcastle-upon-Tyne North, reflects on the challenges of being a Tory in education over the past few years. As a former maths teacher, Lehain is a torchbearer for the Conservatives’ academy and free school policy. He founded and led one of the first free secondary schools, the Bedford free school, then left it to head up PTE, the Parents and Teachers for Excellence group. The group campaigns for stricter discipline and more factual teaching in the curriculum. Lehain advocates for the reform of the curriculum and exam system while the academy program is about enabling consistent school teacher…

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    British Studies, The Latest Import From The US?

    In recent weeks, Philippa Levine, a British historian and co-director of the British Studies program at the University of Texas, has been besieged with requests from American journalists seeking her insights into the recent royal wedding. Levine has expressed her exasperation, stating that she, like most in her field, is not an expert on William and Kate. Nonetheless, British studies is a field flourishing in the US which brings together scholars from a wide range of academic disciplines to study Britain and its empire. Levine, who is also president of the North American Conference on British Studies, explains that the field has gone from focusing on "little England" to studying…