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Maritime Nations And Gunpowder Empires Between The Years From 1450 To 1800

Both gunpowder-empires and maritime nations were extremely important in the years 1450-1800. Both were at one point successful world powers achieving many personal improvements/benefits. Two empires that were built on different principles, such as the Ottomans or Spanish, are examples of how empires thrive over time. When the Ottomans gained control over Europe, the Spanish began to conquer the New World. Each empire employed different strategies that helped them become successful. The Ottoman Empire, for instance, promoted religious tolerance. This was not the case with the Spanish empire. However, they had some similarities. Both empires used their military to expand their power and rule.

The methods used by the Ottoman Empire and the Spanish to build empires differed. For example, the Spanish seized lands in the New World while Ottomans seized land in the Old World. Spain was able travel to the New World in order to colonize it. The Ottoman Empire had to defend Europe and the Old World. Both empires have a strong theme of exploration and expansion. Spanish tolerance of other religions was not like that of the Ottomans. Spanish conquerors of the Americas had the intention to convert native Americans to Christianity. They would also be executed if they refused. Peoples of different faiths were not persecuted by the Ottomans, despite their promotion of Islam, Ottomans’ religion. Millets were actually small groups of people that shared a common religious viewpoint. Both empires illustrate how both can be rigid or flexible in their religious freedom.

The Ottoman Empire and the Spanish used military power to increase their control and influence. This is a similarity. Ottomans relied on their janissaries to push the Ottoman Empire’s borders further into Persia as well as Egypt. They controlled trade routes to further their economic growth and spread Islam. The Spanish used their military, much like the Ottomans did, to boost their trade and promote Christianity. The Spanish Armada was a highly skilled navy. Spanish conquistadors landed in America to help Spain colonize. Both empires illustrate the theme of power. They show that an empire with a stronger military has a greater chance to influence other empires and expand their control.

Similar ideas were shared by the Ottoman Empire as well as Spain when they created their empires. Different in that the Spanish empire took lands from the New World while Ottomans claimed land in Old World. The Ottoman Empire also promoted religious tolerance, whereas the Spanish didn’t. Similarity in that both empires expanded the reach of their military to expand their power and rule.


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